Twilight Star Kristen Stewart

Actress Kristen Stewart was born April 9, 1990 in Los Angeles, CA. She practically grew up with movies and cameras; Kristen’s father worked as a stage manager, producer and director on tons of Fox television shows.
When she was eight, she played so well in a school Christmas play that she caught the eye of an agent who was sitting in the audience. Her parents were against Kristin becoming an actress at such a young age, but the eight year old girl was determined to give it a shot. She started auditioning and landed her first role at the age of nine. She appeared in the Disney Channel production called ‘Thirteenth Year’. Two years later she played Sam Jennings in the movie ‘The Safety of Objects’.

A Real Break Through With Panic Room and Twilight
It wasn’t until the 2002 movie ‘Panic Room’ that Stewart really broke through as a rising star. She played Jodie Foster’s daughter in this thriller and got to work with other stars as well: Forest Whitaker and Patrick Bachau for example.
Other movies followed and Stewart played in ‘Catch that Kid’, ‘The Messengers’ and ‘The Cake Eaters’. In 2007 she landed a role in Sean Penn’s movie ‘Into the Wild’ where she played the musically gifted Tracy Tatro. Later that year, it was announced that Stewart would be playing the role of young Bella Swan in the movie adaptation of the Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer, next to Robert Pattinson. This movie made her popular with audiences all over the world. Chances are that she will be known forever as ‘Bella Swan’ since she plays this character in all of the Twilight movie adaptations.